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There are problems with nuclear weapons carried over to testing and deployment scenarios, however. Because of the very large radius associated with nuclear events, it was nearly impossible to prevent indiscriminate damage to other satellites, including one's own satellites. Starfish Prime produced an artificial radiation belt in space that soon destroyed three satellites ( Ariel , TRAAC , and Transit 4B all failed after traversing the radiation belt, while Cosmos V , Injun I and Telstar 1 suffered minor degradation, due to some radiation damage to solar cells , etc.). The radiation dose rate was at least 60 rads /day at four months after Starfish for a well-shielded satellite or manned capsule in a polar circular earth orbit , which caused NASA concern with regard to its manned space exploration programs.

Space Bomb - Space BombSpace Bomb - Space BombSpace Bomb - Space BombSpace Bomb - Space Bomb